To our readers,

The Globe is continuing to see unexpected glitches with the production of our newspaper as we move into a new printing plant in Taunton. As a result, too many subscribers are getting late papers too often. We’ve missed deliveries to some subscribers entirely. Thursday was a particularly bad day for us.

By way of explanation, the new presses are operating too slowly and breaking too often. Because of this, newspapers are getting to delivery depots too late, sometimes missing our carriers entirely. An important point: Your late or missed paper is not your delivery person’s fault. It is ours.

We are embarrassed. We are sincerely sorry to all those affected. And we have crews working around the clock to make this right.

We hoped to have this resolved by Labor Day. Quite bluntly, we are not convinced that will be the case. But we do know that the situation is steadily improving, albeit with significant hiccups, and we vow to have sharper-looking papers with later deadlines when we’re done. We’re well aware of your frustration. We know you depend on the Globe in print for some of the best journalism in the country — accountability reporting that seems even more vital in the past year. Again, please know that we are sorry and are working toward a better place.

John W. Henry, publisher