Berg: Wahlberg has ‘come through hell’
Mark Wahlberg and Peter Berg in New York in December. (Cindy Ord/Getty Images/file)
By Mark Shanahan
Globe Staff

Many of the stories about “Patriots Day,’’ the movie about the Boston Marathon bombings, mention the fact that Mark Wahlberg, who stars as a Boston cop in the film, grew up in Dorchester.

The actor’s back story is well known: As a teenager, he served 45 days in jail for assaulting two Vietnamese immigrants. But in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, “Patriots Day’’ director Peter Berg makes it sound like Wahlberg was the victim. “He’s come through hell. He could’ve easily ended up in prison. He had 990,000 wrong moves and one right move, repeatedly, and he somehow managed to make the right move,’’ Berg says. “He showed me where he lived in Boston, Dorchester, a rough [expletive] neighborhood, and the fact that he survived that . . . deeply inspirational. He makes me want to work harder.’’

Hmm. What is true is that Dorchester has changed a lot since young Marky Mark was menacing people on the street. Joyce Linehan, who’s Mayor Marty Walsh’s chief of policy, grew up in Dorchester and is amused by Berg’s over-the-top characterization of her hometown. In a post on Facebook Monday, Linehan wrote: “When I read this, I nearly spit my single origin coffee all over my grass fed burger on brioche with artisanal mayonnaise.’’